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      Qianjiang District 2017 youth dating activities held in Zhoushan town

      Zhuo water area  qjzsjq.com  2017/6/27  

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      (Reporter Cheng Gang) May 20, organized by the District Committee, District Women's Federation, the District Federation of Trade Unions, District Tourism Bureau, Zhuo Shui Town Government and other departments co-organized the "Millennium Millennium town of charisma charm" Qianjiang District 2017 Young people dating activities held in Zhoushan town. District government deputy mayor Xie Chenggang on the activities of the relevant requirements.
      Xie Chenggang requirements, the majority of young friends in the region to carry forward the spirit of ownership, and enhance the "tourism development, everyone is responsible" awareness, so tourism development vanguard, propaganda, start bit by bit, actively engaged in "tourism area" Strategy and wash water 5A scenic spots to create, in the construction of beautiful new journey of Qianjiang issued a good voice, the transmission of youth is the energy.
      According to reports, the event is the implementation of the CPC Central Committee in-depth "long-term youth development plan" spirit, better organization of young people, young people, to guide young people's specific practice, aimed at further strengthening the organization's cohesion and attraction , To promote the community youth exchange of feelings, effectively set up a platform for marriage and dating, to mobilize the majority of young people in the region "three strategies", "two city Tongchuang", "out of poverty" strategic journey dedicated youth wisdom and strength.