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      Qianjiang Ba La Hu Jing area staged the limit challenge

      Zhuo water area  qjzsjq.com  2017/6/23  

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      "Excitement, thrilling, like watching movies like", "This performance has never seen before, people eye-opener." May 16 at 12:30, Qianjiang District, Balau area staged a thrilling Of the slippery cable limit performance, attracting hundreds of thousands of users and scenic spots of tourists, people hooked.
          By the well-known Chinese explorer Wang Dayong, Sun Kening and other explorers composed of more than 10 explorers, by virtue of a cable, from the Qianjiang Ba La Hu world first city Grand Canyon deep 500 meters of the White Tiger Gap peak, the limit flying more than 200 meters of the canyon After the arrival of the canyon opposite Yi Xiaoting, halfway also carried out the cable down performance.
          The weather was cloudy and the canyons burst into the sky. Reporters stood on the canyon glass plank road, felt a trace of chill. Look at the high altitude, stunt personnel like spider man hanging in the air, the crowd of the atmosphere did not dare to utter a cry. Until the first stunt personnel over the success of the scene before the burst of warm applause and cheers.
          "For the adventure team, the Grand Canyon gap and span, so that the flight is full of challenges." Explorer Sun Keling told reporters that this time is different from the other, the explorer did not use the wire as a slip Cable, but the choice of professional nylon rope as a slip cable tool, with a certain degree of flexibility. Which makes the extreme movement in the process, by the wind and other environmental factors greater impact, but also to the whole over the process more challenging and ornamental.
          Explorer Li Qingqing said that the width of the canyon is more than 200 meters from the bottom is also high, because the rope is nylon rope, a certain degree of flexibility, both sides fixed at the top of the hill, the middle there is always a falling weight, resulting in both sides of the tension are very Big, not as we imagine a person in the past, there are 100 kilograms of weight only need 100 kilos of tension, in fact, the required tension is multiplied to increase, so the risk is still relatively large.
          Famous explorer Sun Kening said that to participate in such a movement, everyone has to overcome the enormous psychological pressure, the two peaks of the height difference of nearly two hundred meters, so a height difference, the middle of the wind, only with such a diameter only There are 10.05 mm nylon rope slipped past, very challenging.
          During the three-hour period, two expedition team members and visitor experience successfully completed the challenge.
          In the course of the performance of the day, the newspaper home in Qianjiang APP, micro Qianjiang WeChat public number of the whole live broadcast.