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      "Zhuo Zhuo water, veteran art troupe art performance" program

      Zhuo water area  qjzsjq.com  2017/4/27  

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      Moderator: Yang Zongqing Wang Xinyu
      First, the chorus "labor hold up the Chinese dream"
                        "I love you Qianjiang"
      Second, the boys chorus "Tujia folk song singing"
      Three, Hulusi playing "there is a beautiful place"
      Four, dance "hymn"
      Five, thirty-two Tai Chi sword
      Six, female solo "Bala Hu Mei A Peng Jiang charm"
      Seven, walking fitness walking sticks
      Eight, female voice singing "straight Ga thinking"
      Nine, instrumental ensemble "Qianjiang folk song"
      Ten, collective social dance "and four Lombard slow three combination"
      Eleven, song dancers "bless the motherland"
      12, interactive programs: "Tujia waving dance"