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      Brief Introduction of Qianjiang District Tourism Investment and Development Co., Ltd

      Qianjiang District, Chongqing Tourism Investment Development Co., Ltd. is Qianjiang District, state-owned key enterprises, incorporated in December 2015, the existing registered capital of 200 million yuan. Bear the region's tourism industry development, management, management functions. In the future development, the company will adhering to the "burden of responsibility, pioneering and innovative, diligent hard work, clean and efficient," the purpose of adhering to the green development concept, based on the advantages of eco-tourism resources, strong implementation of the "tourism area" strategy to " As the basis, the landscape canyon for the characteristics of national culture for the soul, leisure for the purpose of "adhere to the ecological benefits, social benefits, economic benefits simultaneously, tighten the fist to highlight the focus to Zhuo water scenic area for the recent development of tourism tipping point, Energy to promote the Zhaoshui scenic area to create national 5A level scenic spot; to the city canyon Gap River, the scenic area for the Qianjiang mid-term tourism development tipping point, for the creation of national 5A level scenic spots. To promote the whole area of tourism development, and strive to build Qianjiang Wuling Mountain area to become an important tourist hub, the country's well-known tourist destination, the National Excellent Tourism City, the national tourism demonstration area.